I’ve somewhat calmed down since my rant. This is the post I was going to do this morning. I’ve not included any features or functions already discussed unless there are new developments.


  • The camera has an actual button to press to take a photo, which gives more control.
  • The rubbery back makes the phone much less slippery than other phones I’ve had and held.
  • The share function. It is so ridiculously easy to share a photo: take the photo, press the share icon (which looks like a dot with two arrows coming out of it), choose how to share it (flickr, twitter, gmail, messages, wordpress, etc) and it takes you straight to the application and attaches it. I don’t just like this function, I love it. Very, very helpful and fast.


  • The volume button is in the way. I keep hitting it all the time by accident.
  • I thought the point of the desk clock app was so you could check the time without having to unlock the screen. Tested it out today: oh look, I still have to unlock the screen. That’s not a desk clock.
  • I have tiny hands. I cannot press the power button one-handed.
  • The phone doesn’t fit neatly in my handbag – it’s too large to fit in the compartment designed for mobiles and falls out of the others because it’s so heavy.
  • I couldn’t find Bluetooth to turn it on. It took a bit of searching to find it.

Issues that need to be fixed:

  • The RunKeeper app didn’t work as it kept directing me to the “security” page to change a setting that was actually on the “location” page. I had to do a lot of searching to find the particular GPS satellite setting that needed to be enabled. This was after lot of swearing. How did such a mistake get made?
  • My husband (@smperris on Twitter) and I tried to test out sending a photo via Bluetooth. We could get our phones to pair but not connect. I don’t know whether this in an iPhone problem or a Desire problem.


  • The voice recognition software seems to be more accurate for American accents than Australian ones. I had much better results with the voice to text function when using my GenAm (General American) accent than with my own voice. I guess this is one of the valuable things about having an actor on the review team: we can eliminate the variable of different individuals when testing out this software with accents. I may still do some video of this as proof, if I have a chance before the review is over.