So the review is now officially over. My thoughts now turn to the future of this device in our household.

Until I can arrange some time with the Mobile Mentors, I am going to continue to use the phone as per my last post. After that, I’m going to see if I can use the phone as I really want to use it, utilising more of the features, with ease and without frustration. The plan then is to let my awesome husband and household geek, @smperris play with it and see if we can customise it to better suit my needs. If that all fails, then I’m not sure what will happen with the Desire, but that’s as far as we’re planning at the moment.

Before I found out about this review, my intention had been to wait to purchase the new iPhone and hope that my Nokia lasted until then. Now I really need to think about what features and functions are important to me; if the Desire can really meet those needs and wants; and whether I will be better off keeping this device or falling back on the original plan.

In the meantime, I have a son to parent, a dozen students with exams to complete, accompaniments to learn and practice, a business to run, a feature film to shoot, a new house to move into, freelance writing to get back on track and hopefully a TV series to get in the can as well (pending funding). Life goes on and will go on, with or without the Desire.

To those who are wondering whether the Desire is for them, at this stage, I ask you to ponder your own level of tech-savvy combined with your temperament. If you are not frustrated by interfaces that are not intuitive, then go right ahead (with support). If you don’t have the time or energy to spend thinking and searching for things that should be obvious, then stay away from this phone unless you have geek support at your beck and call, and even then, think twice about it. The Desire could be such a great device, but it leaves a lot to be desired (pun intended). From what I can gather from what the geeks are saying, the Android/Google stuff is where the gold is and the main problems lie in what HTC has overlaid onto this. Perhaps this means that there is another, better option out there for me that isn’t an iPhone.

Only time will tell.