Since my post discussing how the Desire was having a negative effect on my life, I did go for a full day without turning it on at all. I was concerned that I was starting to develop a Pavlovian response to it, evidenced by my twitchy eye that started up every time I even looked at the Desire. So after the 24hrs of respite, I’ve turned it back on, but I’m only accessing things that I have already mastered or that are extensions of such things and are obviously easy (eg the calendar – I have now put an entry in the calendar instead of just using it as a reminder system).

Before I attempt anything more challenging, I’m going to have some time with a mobile mentor. The mentors are available for normal customers, so this will not fall outside of my “no geek help” rule. To be frank, I was never against using the mentors, I’ve just literally not had an uninterrupted hour available to use the service. I’m pretty sure the hour would be wasted if Mr4 was constantly asking questions. Of course, this probably means I won’t have time until June 4. So until then, I won’t be utilising the phone’s capabilities, but I’ll be a calmer person for it.